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NYC Attractions and Sightseeing Guide

Explore NYC in Summer 2017
NYC Attractions and NYC Sightseeing
31 Jul

NYC Attractions | Things To Do in NYC Summer 2017

Looking for things to do in NYC for this summer? Summertime is the perfect time to explore New York City. Whether you’re traveling alone, with a companion or with an entire family, there are plenty of places to go that will accommodate your crowd. Below we’ve listed some NYC attractions that will enable you to create some special memories for the Summer of 2017. Please read below to see a list we’ve curated and please comment on Facebook to add to our list!

Helpful Info:

NYC Subway System- Navigating the NYC Subway System can be an adventure in itself. When planning your daily excursions, there are many helpful apps or website that will tell you directions to your destinations. One helpful app includes “Transit” which tells you how to get to locations using the NYC subway system with maps of the subway system as well.

New York City Passes- Purchasing a New York City pass grants admission to many NYC attractions. Do your research and make sure that your activities are on the listed of covered attractions before purchasing the New York Pass or the New York CityPass.

NOTE: The Leo House of NYC is offering a special “Summer Steal” special for anyone who wants to take advantage of all that NYC has to offer at a discounted rate: click here for more information.

NYC Attractions | Summer 2017 Edition

NYC Attractions: Landmarks

NYC Attractions: Parks

NYC Attractions: Entertainment Venues and Music Halls

NYC Attractions: Museums

See a list of famous NYC museums below.

NYC Attractions: Religious Houses of Worship

The Leo House offers an in-house chapel, but if you’d like to tour houses of worship throughout NYC you can see a list and map of locations by clicking here. Don’t forget to visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

NYC Attractions: Shopping

NYC Attractions: Restaurants

Check out this list of NYC Restaurants by clicking here, complete with reviews and locations.

Looking for local NYC Attractions nearest to The Leo House?

Read this article we wrote a while back about things to do in our local Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.

Whatever you decide to do this summer, we hope you have wonderful time. Should you decide to visit New York City this summer, we hope to welcome you to your home-away-from-home at The Leo House of NYC.

Please keep in mind that The Leo House is providing this information out of kindness and love for our travelers. We have not been paid to provide this information. Also, we advise you to check all websites before leaving for the day as we can not take responsibility if these locations are unavailable or sold out unexpectedly.