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Merry Christmas 2017

Sharing some Christmas prayers with you and your loved ones
Merry Christmas 2017 - Christmas Prayers
20 Dec

Merry Christmas 2017

Merry Christmas 2017 to everyone in our special, loving community!

It has become our loved tradition to share with you a few of our most favorite blessings and prayers each holiday. This Christmas 2017, we found a few we hope you’ll like so much that you share them with a few friends! The first two prayers reflect this year’s holiday season theme of keeping God present in your celebrations.

“Remember the Savior” and “The Star of Bethlehem” are prayers that keep us focused on sharing God’s love and thinking about how miraculous that first Christmas must’ve been for all present. The prayer, “His Christmas Presence,” highlights that the greatest gift in life is the presence of God in our lives and his guidance each and every day. The prayer, “May Peace Be Yours,” is a special one because it is short and simple but poignant and meaningful. We hope you enjoy these prayers and have a very Merry Christmas 2017!

With love,

Your friends at The Leo House

Remember the Savior

Amidst the bells and mistletoe,
The presents and the lights,
Remember Christ our Savior born
On that first Christmas night.
Although it was so long ago,
Let us reflect and bow,
To give thanks and homage for
His presence here and now.
As we fill our stockings with
Fine gifts from malls and marts,
Let us behold the newborn King
Who comes to fill our hearts!
May our giving and receiving
Center ’round this Baby Boy,
And may the Christmas spirit
Bring us true peace and joy.
Joyce Mary Ecochard

The Star of Bethlehem

Across the lonely, bare Judean hills
A wondrous Star ray left its silver gleam.
Its light of hope with joyful blessing fills
The heart of all mankind who wait and dream.
Into the caves of human fear-held dark,
A radiant promise spreads effulgent light.
God’s Son of grace, Who bore His precious spark,
Revealed the shining way of truth and right.
With tender love the gentle Savior came
To heal the sick and lift the grieving soul.
For each His deep compassion was the same,
To show God’s love was all the Christly goal.
Bright angels sang their heavenly anthem,
As Magi brought their gifts of royal worth.
Within the manger there at Bethlehem,
The Christ-Child brought God’s love in glorious birth.
Zelma S. Dennis

His Christmas Presence

As I count the “presents” of my life,
It’s very clear to me
That God has blessed me with much more
Than the gifts beneath the tree.
I have my health and happiness,
My family and my friends;
Memories from a well blessed life,
Filled with love that knows no end.
And when the dark clouds did roll in,
When it seemed I couldn’t cope,
His Words were there to comfort me
And fill my heart with hope.
God sent His Son to spread His Word,
His light will lead the way;
Because of His Christmas Presence
God gives us gifts each day.
Eleanor Torchia

May Peace Be Yours

May peace be yours this Christmas Day
With joy beyond all reason,
A happiness to fill your heart
This, oh, so special season.
With hope and faith forever yours
And loved ones very near,
Angel song within your soul –
A mind that knows of cheer.
Garnett Ann Schultz

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