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Christmas Hope in 2018
19 Dec

Spreading Christmas Hope and Love

At last! Christmas is here. We all want to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Holidays for those who don’t celebrate.  During the Christmas and Holiday season, it is easy to get distracted and overwhelmed while running around to get decorations up, buying gifts and preparing for company. While traditions like gift-giving and spending time with relatives add great fun to the holidays, we also invite you to spend some time spreading the spirit of ‘Christmas Hope and Love.’

So, what do we mean by spreading the spirit of ‘Christmas Hope and Love’?

We’ve spoken about Christmas being a celebration of love. Christmas is not just a celebration of God’s love for everyone, it is also a celebration of our love for one another too. In The Leo House video, you’ll hear our motto “be a light of the world to others”.  Our motto means to spread that hope, love and joy in your community – especially to those who may not feel so merry and bright this time of year. Some people may feel lonely having lost loved ones or being a far distance from friends and family. Others may not have the means to provide for much of a celebration at all. 

You can spread Christmas Hope and Love and bring a smile to someone in your community in many ways. 

How You Can Spread Christmas Hope & Love:

  • Pray for peace. Pray for the comfort and healing of innocent people in war-torn countries. Think of those missing loved ones who are feeling lonely this time of year. Pray for our Armed Forces who will not be able to spend Christmas with their families. Pray for any personal  intentions you may have for your family or community.
  • Smile and observe patience. People are rushing, pushing, shoving to get things done. Smiles are contagious so start the trend. Ease some tension on a check-out line or anywhere else you may be frequenting this time of year. 
  • Pay someone a heartfelt compliment. You never know who may need some cheering up. Compliments are easy to give and so appreciated.
  • Donate to a cause that is important to you. It can be as simple as dropping spare change into a red Salvation Army station while you’re out running errands. Or you can visit the website of your favorite non-profit to make a donation online.
  • Brighten the day for a friend in need. You can send cards, make something or bake a treat for neighbors and friends. 
  • Contribute to a campaign or food drive. Join a campaign like Toys for Tots or a food drive at your local supermarket or schools. Help provide a celebration for those who can not afford it themselves.
  • Show appreciation to those who provide services to make your life easier. Give a gift to those who provide services for you including your local mail carrier, sanitation workers, teachers, secretaries, etc.
  • Volunteer your time. Help others at a nursing home, women’s shelter, homeless shelter or any other facility that could use an extra hand. 
  • Attend a fundraiser. While you’re making plans, encourage your friends or family to join you to make it a bonding event.

“Hope is not the conviction that what we do will be successful but the certainty that something is right regardless of how it turns out. We work for change because it is right and good, not because it stands a chance to succeed. Even a purely moral act that has no chance of immediate and visible effect can gradually, over time, gain in significance.” 

Vaclav Havel

While you’re preparing for holiday celebrations, we hope you’ll enjoy taking part in some ways to spread ‘Christmas Hope and Love’ throughout your community. 

Do you have more ideas on how to spread Christmas Hope and Love? Please share them on our Facebook page and we’ll add them to our list. From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!