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Yale Divinity School Displays Charlotte Lichtblau painting
28 Sep

Yale Divinity School Displays Charlotte Lichtblau Art Through November 2019

Yale Divinity School’s Sarah Smith Gallery will feature the art of Charlotte Lichtblau until November of 2019. The religious-themed exhibition titled, “Exile and Revelation: The Art of Charlotte Lichtblau,” has been curated by friends of the late Lichtblau, who are also managers of her artistic estate, Jack Thomas and Bruce Payne. Her exhibition contains sacred works dated 1962 – 2000. The Yale Divinity School is located at 409 Prospect St. in Manhattan.

Exile and Revelation: The Art of Charlotte Lichtblau

Fleeing Nazi-occupied Austria at just 14 years old, Lichtblau’s finally settled in New York City with her family where she converted to Catholicism. Having to leave her home country at such a young age really influenced Lichtblau. In her artwork, she depicts the subjects of her paintings in the surroundings of her youth in the Altaussee mountain village. While her artwork displays a contemporary style, her imagery “honors both the history of ecclesiastical imagery and the artistic traditions of German Expressionist painting.”

“Lichtblau’s work has thus been in large part a quest for meaning, a search to understand and to express the deep emotional parts of her life, a quest to see more truly the world she encounters and to face more honestly those enduring mysteries of death and loss,” Payne wrote. “She is unwilling to abandon the notion that our deepest inner selves have some mysterious connection to the natural world and the mysteries of its ordering.”

Bruce Payne, Exhibit Curator. The Yale Daily News

Lichtblau was first invited to hold an exhibition at Yale nearly fifty years ago in 1969. She displayed forty pieces of artwork at Yale’s Pierson College. She was invited back to Yale ten years ago to display her work again at the St. Thomas More Catholic Center at Yale in a show titled Incarnate: Images of Lent. 

From the Yale Divinity School website:

This new show at the Divinity School celebrates Charlotte Lichtblau’s artistic and religious journeys: her origins in Vienna’s Jewish community; her escape from Austria after the Nazi takeover in 1938; decision to join the Roman Catholic church; her work as an art critic; and her continuing involvement with Jewish and Catholic communities in New York and in Austria.

Charlotte Lichtblau’s work has also been featured at “Passion,” an exhibition held at The Leo House in a collaboration with Six Summit Gallery.

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