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Hands holding blessings to show thanks and prayerfulness on Thanksgiving
26 Nov

Thanksgiving 2019 Prayers for Peace, Rest and Renewal

Getting ready for Thanksgiving? We have a big weekend coming up and wanted to make sure we shared with you some special sentiments. Enjoy these Thanksgiving 2019 Prayers and please share them with anyone and everyone you know.

Thanksgiving 2019 Prayers for Peace, Rest and Renewal

Heavenly Father, what a joy it is to take a break from our daily routines to be able to experience a spiritual and physical renewal. Let us pray that during this holiday weekend, we may find the peace, rest and relaxation that we need at this time to see clearly. While we quiet our minds and bodies, may we become more aware of our blessings and give thanks for what You have provided for us including Your grace, mercy and kindness. We want to give thanks for You on this special Thanksgiving day.

Please instill in all of us the patience, strength and understanding to choose to act with kindness and to recognize that Your goodness is present in every person. Let us realize that even a smile, as simple as it seems, may be just what is needed to brighten someones day. We turn to you at this time to guide us with Your love, to be close with us as we celebrate our blessings and as we help others let go of any pain, heartbreak, disappointments, grudges, failures, mistakes or missed opportunities and move past them in hope and preparation for a brighter future.

As some of us may experience stress, sadness or despair this holiday season, let us know that You are our higher power, guiding us and carrying us through any difficult times. And, as some of us experience great joy this holiday season, let us share those happy feelings with others and rejoice in the beauty of life.

Let us not be complacent, but rather remember to help each other, be compassionate and share with people who desperately need what we so often take for granted. Amen

Thank you for being a valued part of The Leo House community and for simply stopping by to read this article. We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving 2019 and hope that you enjoy this prayer.