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25 Feb

NYC Hotel Reviews for The Leo House

Looking for a place to stay in the city? Individual NYC hotel reviews can be a very informative source to learn about the location, atmosphere, amenities and services you will encounter upon visiting. We receive notice every time a review is posted online about The Leo House. We’re pleased to let our guests know that reviews are very important to us in so many ways.

You Speak (or type), We Listen

Our staff keeps busy catering to the needs of our current guests staying at The Leo House and planning for new guests. Whenever we can, we read the reviews frequently posted on Google, TripAdvisor, Facebook, and other travel sites as well.

How We Utilize NYC Hotel Reviews:

Our NYC hotel reviews are important to us in so many ways. We seek great reviews to encourage new visitors to give us a try. Reviews about our convenient location, steps from the subway, tell future visitors about NYC attractions that are within walking distance. Positive reviews help inform past visitors know that we are still striving to perfect everything we do to welcome visitors.

We even seek out the reviews that let us know when we did not get things right even though we tried. When we haven’t gotten things perfect during a visitors stay, negative reviews bring our attention to things we can fix in the future.

Multilingual NYC Hotel Reviews

Do you speak multiple languages? We welcome you to post reviews in any and all of them! We welcome many international guests and respect all opinions. Perhaps your review will reach out to the right person at the right time. Reviews in various languages help our international guests get information about our hotel and guesthouse in their own language.

No matter what is said, we’re here, we’re listening and most importantly, we care. Want to let us know how we can make your next stay better at The Leo House of NYC? Post a review!

Did you know…

The Leo House will match prices found on travel sites if you book directly on our site or call our reservations staff. Why? When you book your stay with us using travel sites (like or Expedia) we must pay them commissions. When you book directly on our site, we can contribute funds otherwise paid to commissions to great charitable programs. These programs include a Hospital Program offering special rates for people visiting the sick or elderly in hospitals nearby, a Heroes Rate for first responders and Clergy Rates. Next time you plan to visit your home-away-from-home in NYC, please consider booking directly on our site. It helps tremendously!