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Visiting New York City After Covid-19
22 Sep

Falling for NYC – Visiting New York City After Covid-19

Do you remember your first time visiting New York City? Perhaps you remember feeling a silent squeal of joy and your heart skip a beat looking at the massive buildings and frenetic activity all around. If there is one thing we know for sure right now, it is that we are falling in love with New York City as the city returns to its glorious self. So, what is it like visiting New York City after Covid-19? With fall’s temperate weather, more outside dining, reopened attractions and lesser crowds than usual, NYC is a great option for vacation, staycation or weekend getaway right now. 

What is it like visiting New York City after Covid-19?

“If ever there was a time you wanted to see New York and not experience crowds, this would be the time to do so,” says Chris Heywood, Executive Vice President of Global Communications for NYC & Company, the leading tourism authority on New York City.

Without a doubt Covid-19 has changed the way many think about holidays, travel, and tourism. Fewer people are getting on coaches and public transport. Private travel firms like Jettly have seen an increase in interest as travellers are seeking to avoid crowds. The message travellers are sending is clear. But New York City has many measures in place to ensure that social distancing fears are put at ease.

New York City entered phase 4 of reopening on July 20th, allowing for zoos, botanical gardens, malls and more to reopen. Outdoor dining is available across the city and indoor dining will be allowed starting September 30th at limited capacity. Attractions are more efficient than in the past, now offering advanced ticketing and reservations to streamline admissions and avoid lines. Recovering from setbacks earlier this year, New York City is on its way to returning to the “brilliant diamond of activity” we know and love (as Jerry Seinfeld mentioned in his recent New York Times op-ed). 

How are NYC attractions keeping visitors safe?

Attractions are taking extra precautions to welcome back guests and ensure the safety of all visitors. New Yorkers and city visitors are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines such as wearing masks in public spaces and when using public transportation and for-hire vehicles like taxis, Uber rides and Lyft vehicles. Outdoor or open-air attractions, like the Botanical Gardens and Zoo, have reopened in accordance with state and city guidelines. Museums, like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and other historical or cultural institutions were able to open in August. Click here for a running list of open NYC attractions

Things To Do during Fall 2020 in NYC:

  • Stroll through Central Park as the leaves turn beautiful shades of colors.
  • Visit open-air attractions like Botanical Gardens, Central Park Zoo, Highline Park, aquariums and historical sites.
  • Visit the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, which reopened September 12th with new health and safety measures in place, such as limited capacity and advance ticket purchasing, to ensure a safe experience.
  • Dine at a famous NYC restaurant – with more outdoor seating available than ever before. Here is a list of 327 NYC Restaurants where you can eat outside today.
  • Visit the Empire State Building, which reopened to the public on July 20 (be sure to make a reservation in advance).

For more options listed by NYC borough, be sure to visit the website to see, “What’s open near your in NYC”.

For your enjoyment, here are a few quotes about experiencing New York City.

Please share with us on Facebook your own memories of your first or favorite visit to NYC.

“Touching down on E. 62nd street, my newly minted New Yorker is experiencing for the first time the “energy” that is so often spoken of. It’s like watching a child approaching a roomful of birthday presents. All things are possible” – a NYC taxi driver on one of his favorite types of riders – new visitors to NYC

“Real, live, inspiring human energy exists when we coagulate together in crazy places like New York City.” – Jerry Seinfeld

“My heart still skips a beat every time a taxi takes me from JFK to home over the Williamsburg Bridge at night” Thomas Vander Stichele

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