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NYC in October 2022
30 Sep

Planning a Visit to NYC in October 2022? Here is Your New York City October Travel Guide

If you are planning a visit to NYC in October, there are plenty of exciting things to do throughout the beautiful city. October is one of the best months to visit New York City for many reasons. If we’re being specific, late September to early November offers the most beautiful weather in NYC compared to other times of the year. Keep reading to find out many of the reasons you should visit NYC in October 2022.  

NYC in October 2022- Best Time of Year for Weather 

The weather in NYC throughout October is very comfortable and mild. The temperature is usually between 50-75 degrees fahrenheit (10-24 degrees celsius) and you’ll get very few rainy days. Unlike the summertime, the humidity is low and you’ll enjoy dry fall weather. The leaves begin to change color in mid-October which creates an amazing vibrant backdrop of fall foliage for your travel photos. This holds true especially in Central Park, the most visited urban park in the world and a common place for filming movies. 

Clothes to pack for NYC in October 2022:

When visiting NYC in October, you should pack a variety of light and warm layers. In the daytime, it is moderately warm and sunny so you will want some breathable shirts along with light pants or jeans. However, you’ll need a jacket, sweatshirt or sweater when the temperature drops at night. Pack comfortable sneakers or flats for walking around the city and fancier ones if you plan on dressing up for dinner. 

Heading out to some of the world-renowned restaurants throughout the city? You may want to pack a trendy or fancy outfit for the nighttime as well as a blazer to keep you stylishly warm. Don’t forget a larger bag to carry with you during the day as you sightsee such as a backpack or tote to help you bring home souvenirs. If you forget anything, don’t worry. There are street vendors on almost every corner selling whatever you need including umbrellas, jewelry, bags etc.

NYC Packing Checklist for October 2022:

  • Pants or jeans
  • Comfortable shoes, sneakers or flats
  • Fall coat or jacket
  • Sweater or Sweatshirt
  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Short-sleeved shirts
  • Socks
  • Warm hat or beanie
  • Scarf
  • Undergarments

Activities in NYC October 2022

Fall Activities in NYC October 2022

Get in the Halloween Spirit

Ghosts and Vampires Tours in NYC

Learn about New York City’s famous former residents – some of which may have never left despite having died long ago. Visit spots throughout the East Village, Greenwich Village and more where ghost sightings have occurred at haunted pubs, theaters, subways stops, etc.  Learn more about various Ghost and Vampire Tours in NYC. Various tours to choose from, some require tickets purchased in advance.

Visit some of NYC’s Most Beautiful Parks for Fall Foliage

October is the best time to scope out colorful leaves as they change from green to yellow, orange, red and brown. Central Park is the most famous, but there are plenty of other NYC parks to enjoy the lovely fall weather. Bring a picnic lunch and soak up the sunshine with your friends and family. Looking for a new park to check out? To try something new, visit Hudson River Park, Riverside Park, The High Line, Little Island, Bryant Park, Washington Square Park, Theodore Roosevelt Park,      

Oktoberfest at New York Eateries and Pubs

Explore Oktoberfest celebrations throughout the city with specials at many eateries. has a great summary of the different Oktoberfest specials and their locations but to make things easier on you, see below:

  • Loreley Beer Garden – September 15 – October 16
  • Time Out Market – October 8
  • Watermark Bar on Pier 15 – All October
  • Black Forest Brooklyn – September 17 – October 15
  • Talea – October 3, 4, 21 and November 13
  • Zum Schneiders – September 30 – October 9

Unique Immersive Experiences

NEW! Batman x Spyscape Immersive Experience 

Fight crime like your favorite comic book heroes in this immersive experience that captivates you within the story. With entrance as low as $32 for a chile and $39 for an adult, you can create fun memories of your NYC trip without breaking the bank. Allow for 1-2 hours. Learn more about the Batman experience by clicking here.

NEW! The Friends Experience

Who is your favorite: Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross, Rachel or Joey? Maybe you’ve been a fan of the popular TV show for ages, but now you’ll get to experience the show for real! Explore two floors of interactive activities and props from the show. Dance in the fountain featured in the beginning credits. Order coffee at Central Perk and pose on the orange couch. Sit at both Monica and Rachel’s apartment as well as Joey and Chandler’s apartment. Learn more about The Friends Experience by clicking here

SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Exhibit 

Want to feel like you’re soaring through the clouds above NYC? Kenzo Digital provides this immersive art installation that enables visitors to take in the sights of NYC through glass ledges, a glass-bottomed elevator, and walk-through glass rooms. Avoid wearing a skirt or dress as the mirrored or glass floors can lead to unwanted exposure. Wear comfortable flat shoes because footwear that could damage the experience will not be permitted. Learn more about The SUMMIT One Vanderbilt Exhibit by clicking here.

New York Comic Con – Oct 6-9

NYCC, or New York Comic Con, is a convention that celebrates pop culture, comic books, anime, manga, video games, toys, and movies. Fans come from all around to see their favorite actors, artists, authors and celebrities converge into an event where you can geek out without feeling like a geek. Tickets are required and if you want autographs, you’ll need a special ticket to do so. Learn more about New York Comic Con by clicking on this link.

New York Museum of Ice Cream

Entering this pastel dreamlike experience will have you feeling major Willy Wonka vibes. Enjoy sliding into a pool of sprinkles, tasting ice-cream themed treats on a floating table, and engage in 13 multisensory exhibits that will bring out your inner child. You’ll have plenty of amazing photos to share with friends and family when you return from your trip. Learn more about the New York Museum of Ice Cream by clicking here. Tickets are required for entry. Visit during October to participate in “Tricks or Sweets”.

Global Music

The Amazon Concert by The Sao Paulo Symphony – Carnegie Hall, Oct 14-15

Audiences will experience the Villa-Lobos Forest, an illustrious tribute to Brazil’s greatest composer, Heitor Villa-Lobos (1887-1959). The grand symphony of 70 minutes features Villa-Lobos alongside the Brazilian and foreign authors influenced by him. The Choir of OSESP and soprano Camila Titinger participate in the performances, accompanied by an unprecedented visual project celebrating our global heritage, the Amazon forest, by artistic curator Marcello Dantas. Learn more about this celebration of Brazilian culture right here in NYC by clicking here.

As you can see, there is a wide variety of the things you can do when visiting New York City. These are just a few of the suggestions we can offer outside the more commonly known museums, events and attractions many know of around New York City. We hope that you will visit New York City this fall and if you do, know you have a home-away-from-home at The Leo House.