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Merry Christmas 2022
22 Dec

Merry Christmas 2022

Merry Christmas 2022 to all of our guests, friends and community! There is so much to celebrate during Christmas time. Christmas is the celebration commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ and is celebrated on December 25th. Did you know that the name ‘Christmas’ came from the celebration of the Mass of Christ, shortened to ‘Christmas’? While we do get excited about the beautiful decorations, exchange of presents, watching Christmas movies, there are many traditions that can remind us that Jesus as the reason for the season. What are your favorite traditions?

Merry Christmas 2022: Traditions that keep Jesus at the Heart of your Celebrations

Advent Wreath

Advent is four weeks of spiritual preparation leading up to the Lord’s birth on Christmas. The wreath itself if made of evergreens signifying continuous life. The circle of a wreath symbolizes the eternity of God and the everlasting life we find in Christ. The four candles on the Advent Wreath symbolize the four weeks of Advent and one candle is lit each Sunday. Three candles are purple to signify the time of prayer, penance and sacrifice and because the color purple is a liturgical color. The first candle symbolizes hope, the second candle represents faith, the third candle is pink and represents joy and the fourth and final candle represents prayer and penance. For more on the Advent Wreath, read this great summary on

Nativity Scene

The Nativity Scene is a physical representation of what happened on the day of the birth of Jesus Christ. It may be acted out through people dressed as Mary, Joseph, Jesus, and the Shepards, or it may be represented by small figurines set up in displays. The Nativity Scene brings to life the story of the birth of Jesus and you may see it at Christmas mass to this day.

Blessing of the Christmas Tree

The Christmas tree relates to many aspects of the Catholic faith. First, we are reminded that Adam and Eve were not allowed to eat from one very special tree. The fir tree is the wood of peace and a sign of ongoing life because it is an evergreen. The shape of the Christmas tree points to heaven. Many people have their Christmas tree blessed as part of their traditions through the season.

Attend Mass

Attending church is nourishment for your soul. It connects you to your spiritual family and unites all together that we are not alone on our journey in life. Through mass, we can pray for one another, share our struggles and help one another grow in faith. It is also very healing to get out of your home if you can and see other people in your community.

Celebrate through Works of Mercy

The full celebration of Christmas includes embracing the poor, the oppressed and all those in need of help. Look for opportunities to help others through your generosity in any way that you can. This doesn’t have to mean giving money that you desperately need, you can also pray for others, donate what you no longer use or need and share your time with others.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas 2022 in whatever way you wish to celebrate. We will keep you in our hearts and prayers until we meet again. Enjoy your holiday season, spread love and see the good in the world. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all!

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