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Construction Begins on ADA room
16 May

Construction Begins for ADA Room at The Leo House

Construction begins for an important construction project to create an ADA compliant room at The Leo House. Recognizing the growing need for accessible accommodations in the city, we aim to welcome all individuals, including those with disabilities, by providing a comfortable and affordable stay. While the renovation process may present some challenges, the project is an exciting endeavor that demonstrates our commitment to meeting the diverse needs of all guests. The project is starting and while we do not have an exact date of completion, we know that it is a worthwhile endeavor. We are doing everything in our power to reduce the impact the project will have on all guests during construction.

Addressing the Need for Accessible Hotels

The Leo House has received numerous inquiries from potential guests seeking accommodations that are wheelchair accessible or suitable for individuals with disabilities. These requests have highlighted the pressing need for an ADA compliant room within the guest house. By undertaking this project, The Leo House aims to bridge the gap and fulfill its goal of becoming a welcoming space for all travelers.

Understanding ADA Compliance Requirements

Creating an ADA compliant room involves renovations throughout the guest house. In addition to modifying the guest room itself, The Leo House will address various areas to comply with the ADA hotel room checklist. These areas include building entrances, the lobby, interior routes, public use rooms, restrooms, interior signage, and food service areas. Given the historic nature of the brownstone building, the renovation process will require careful planning and execution. Nonetheless, The Leo House is eager to begin the transformation.

Funding the Project

To finance this ambitious project, The Leo House recently received a generous grant of $100,000 from the O’Toole Foundation. However, we estimate the total cost of the renovation to exceed this amount by at least $150,000. To bridge the funding gap, The Leo House is reaching out to its network of friends and supporters. The guest house invites individuals to contribute through secure credit card donations or by sending a check to the provided address. We appreciate every donation, regardless of size, and all contributions are tax deductible. Would you like to donate? Click this link to head to our donations page where you can complete a donation online or mail in a check.

Supporting The Leo House

Those who can not make a financial donation can support the cause by spreading the word. Sharing the article or the Facebook post through social media platforms can help raise awareness and reach potential donors. The Leo House also welcomes recommendations for organizations that provide funding for similar projects. The community can support The Leo House’s vision as an accessible hotel in New York City.

Recognition for Contributions

The Leo House expresses gratitude to all who contribute to the project. To honor major donors, The Leo House will add their names to a special plaque on the premises. Donors contributing $5,000 or more will have the added distinction of being part of the “Circle of Donors” plaque. This plaque will also be featured on The Leo House’s website and during the introduction of the new ADA compliant room.

Construction has commenced at The Leo House as it embarks on the journey to create an ADA compliant room. This endeavor reflects the guest house’s commitment to inclusivity and its determination to meet the needs of all travelers, regardless of disabilities. The Leo House seeks the support of the community and invites individuals to contribute to this worthy cause. By working together, we can transform The Leo House into a beacon of accessibility among the hotels in New York City, ensuring that all guests enjoy a comfortable and inclusive stay. Regular updates on the progress of the project will be shared. Visitors are encouraged to stay informed about this inspiring initiative.