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Sacred Spaces Gallery

Sacred Spaces - An Art Installation at The Leo House

The Sacred Spaces art installation is on display at The Leo House and is open to the public.
This exhibit features a number of sculptures revealing solemn spaces liberated from natural stone by artist Ailene Fields.
To inquire about the purchase of these sculptures, please contact Leo Feroleto of Six Summit Gallery at 917-573-0029
or also at The Leo House at 212-929-1010 ext. 203.

Leo Feroleto is the Art Curator of The Leo House with over 10 years experience in fine art and entertainment in New York City. He is excited about the opportunity to establish The Leo House as “The Gateway to the Arts.” In addition to managing Ailene Fields Studios, he is the director for CFM private gallery, both venues are located in Chelsea within walking distance to The Leo House. Feroleto is also the owner of Six Summit Gallery, a multi-platform fine art and entertainment concern that curates Fashion Week in NYC and multiple venues in CT.

Sacred Spaces Sculpture Exhibit by Ailene Fields in NYC

Ailene Fields’ sculptures featured in the “Sacred Spaces” exhibit will be on display in New York City starting in April 2017. The Leo House announces that they have been chosen to display these art pieces throughout their halls for a limited time. The launch of this intriguing art exhibit is in perfect timing with the theme of rebirth during Spring. Sacred Spaces features a number of sculptures revealing solemn spaces the artist liberated from stone.

This display with reinforce for guests the feeling of Christian hospitality and comfort that resonates through The Leo House. Next time you visit, take a few extra moments to enjoy an artful moment and feel delighted with these beautiful sculptures. It is especially delightful that these art pieces will be present in your home away from home at The Leo House.

About the Artist: Ailene Fields

Ailene has been teaching art in NYC for over 40 years. She also owns the largest sculpting advisement and supply facility in the United States, The Compleat Sculptor. The Compleat Sculptor is located in Tribeca at 90 Vandam St. Read more about The Compleat Sculptor in Fine Art Magazine by clicking here.

Some Thoughts From Ailene Fields, The Artist Behind “Sacred Spaces”:

“I am a sculptor. I express myself through my sculptures. They say things that my words cannot. But I will try words. Carving stone is different from most other forms of sculpture. It is a process of finding what has been trapped within since time immemorial and allowing it to reveal itself to the world. For much of my career, what I liberated were animal and human figures caught in particular moments of reflection that revealed some essential aspect of their being.

When our world underwent a seismic shift after 9/11, I realized that what I and many of the people I knew (and perhaps many, many others) needed were places that we ourselves could reflect upon our own existence and the world in which we were living. Thus were born my Sacred Spaces. They are places to be quiet, to dream, to think, to be safe. Places of the sun, the moon, the earth — places for the soul to rest and rejuvenate. Although we are a generation beyond 9/11, these Sacred Spaces have remained meaningful, both for me and for others who have visited them.

My Sacred Spaces became Sanctuaries — places for quiet meditation, for different psyches, different moods, different souls. Finding these Sanctuaries, each different from the others, and liberating them from their native stones so that others may experience them has become my challenge. We have always needed sanctuary. We still do.”