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Giving Tuesday 2022 Logo with The Leo House logo and saying Together We Give on November 29th, 2022.
25 Nov

Showing Generosity on Giving Tuesday 2022

Giving Tuesday 2022 is a movement dedicated to global generosity. After we celebrate gratitude on thanksgiving, we can physically show our gratitude by participating in Giving Tuesday on November 29th. On Giving Tuesday, millions of people across the world show up, give back, and change their communities. According to the Giving Tuesday organization, the goal is to create a wave of generosity that lasts beyond that day. Donations and fundraising are great ways to show generosity. Yet, there are many other ways to make a positive change in the lives of others.

So what does generosity mean? As a catholic organization, we think of generosity as helping others with a willingness to give freely and without request for compensation. Showing generosity enables us to use what we have available to make a positive change in the lives of others. While The Leo House would greatly appreciate your donation to support our charitable giving efforts, we encourage our community and friends to participate in any way you can. 

How to Donate to The Leo House on Giving Tuesday 2022:

The Leo House is a 501(c)(3) Catholic Agency in good standing, exemption number GEN 0928. We are a non-profit and charitable organization that uses donations to offer discounted rates to first responders (called our Heroes Rate) or people visiting sick family members at local hospitals, as well as to provide discounted lodging for Sisters and Clergy. We also use donations to keep our rates as low as possible for you. To donate to The Leo House, visit our donations page and submit your tax deductible donation using the web form or by mailing a donation directly to the following address:

The Leo House
Attn: Giving Tuesday
332 West 23rd Street
New York City, NY 10011

How can people can show generosity on Giving Tuesday 2022?

  1. Donate money – Donating money can help non-profits, charities and individuals through offering financial support. Donating can help you feel good about being a thoughtful steward of your resources and supporting your community. Many organizations also donate as a way of participating in year-end charitable giving. If you need more of an incentive to donate, it is helpful to know that your contributions may help you during tax time. When you itemize deductions, funds used to make gifts are subtracted from the amount subject to tax. This means the higher your tax bracket, the more you save. Regardless of your income tax bracket, charitable gifts can provide welcome savings at tax time. Additionally, you can feel good about being a thoughtful steward of your resources and supporting your parish community. Of course, this information is provided as a suggestion and you must consult with your accountant for specific information relating to your personal and business donations. 
  2. Donate goods – You can donate gently used clothing, food, school supplies or other items to those in need to bring about change in your community. Something you have not used in your home that doesn’t seem valuable to you can mean the world to someone else.
  3. Volunteer your time or skills – You can volunteer your time or skills to help other people, non-profits or charities. You can serve food at a soup kitchen, offer a smile to someone who is lonely or tutor a student in need of help. Even the smallest acts can make a big difference.
  4. Use your voice – You can use your own voice or reach to amplify and spread awareness for causes by speaking up, sharing content online or signing a petition. You can offer your voice to a non-profit or charity to help raise awareness of their cause or to fundraise for them. This can be as simple as sharing a social post, blog article or by spreading word-of-mouth about an organization.

Giving Back is a Daily Effort at The Leo House

Thankfully, giving back is a part of every day for us at The Leo House. Starting in 1889, The Leo House set out to provide a safe haven for weary travelers in New York City. While times have changed, we’ve kept to our mission and legacy of charitable efforts. If you’re looking for a charity to support this Giving Tuesday, consider donating to one of the programs below.

Supporting Families Visiting the Sick in NYC

Families visiting sick or hospitalized family members have access to utilize special pricing while loved ones are receiving care in or near New York City as a service to help alleviate financial stress.  

The Heroes Rate

The Leo House is offers a discounted rate to service members and their families. The Heroes Rate is available to individuals in the military, law enforcement and fire department. We offer this special pricing as a way to thank our heroes for their service and to alleviate financial stress for them and their families.

Lodging for Sisters 

Lodging is offered at The Leo House for the sisters working here to support their public ministry. For example, Sister Carole Gurdak, CSA, ministered for many years as a teacher, grammar school principal, a Regional Coordinator for the Sisters of Saint Agnes, and as a volunteer at the St. John the Baptist Parish food program. 

Visit our donations page to learn more about the charitable efforts run by The Leo House.

You Too Can Help 

Would you like to support The Leo House in its effort to continue these charitable efforts? With your donation on Giving Tuesday 2021, you can directly help any one of these programs. You can complete a donation by clicking this link and completing the transaction on our secure website, or call extension 223 for further assistance. 

*The Leo House is a 501(c)(3) Catholic Agency in good standing, exemption number GEN 0928.

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