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Guest Reflections Vol. 2

Tales from the Guests of The Leo House
Leo House Guest Reflections The Hudson River NYC
30 Jun

Missing Marine Captain | Guest Reflections Vol. 2

Missing Marine Captain: Uncovering His Trails

Our recent guest was in search of a long lost relative. She was a retired University Professor in Sweden and yearned to uncover the life story of an uncle, her mother’s brother.  Leaving home in Sweden as a young adult, he made no contact with family for the rest of his life. Many clues led her to New York where she stayed at The Leo House during her quest for information.

Missing Marine Captain Found

First, it was then learned that the uncle joined the Merchant Marines. He traveled the oceans for years as a sea captain. Later, he then settled in NY at Seafarer’s Guest House while traveling the Hudson River on cargo ships. Shortly before his death, he moved from Seafarer’s to a residence for the indigent on Staten Island. He died there and was buried in a cemetery in New Jersey.

It took three trips to New York to finally uncover the full story. On her last visit, she learned that he was buried in an unmarked grave. Would she be able to find his exact grave? Most noteworthy, on the day of her visit to the Staten Island cemetery, an astute attendant knew of a document listing the names of each person buried in an unmarked plot. Knowing she had found her way, she already had tears streaming down her face upon arrival at the site. In conclusion, she removed a bottle of drinking water originating in Sweden from her bag and sprinkled it over the gravesite in blessing.

What a profound sense of closure to find a missing family member!  Her gratitude in putting together her uncle’s story is equally wonderful.

Leo House Guest Reflections

Guests at The Leo House honor special relatives and make them real in the present moment through stories. Others are remembered in a script at a stage production, at a music concert, and in travels, journeys, and walks. We enjoy reflecting with our guests and hearing their stories.

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