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Father Addi is Remembered

A Tribute to the late Elder Member of the New York St. Boniface Society
Father Addi honored by Paderborn High Cathedral Choir
7 Jul

Father Addi Is Remembered

Father Addi was a cherished friend and member of The Leo House Board.  He passed away on January 7, 2015. A funeral mass was offered on January 12th at the Murray-Weigel Chapel. Father Addi assisted the Leo House in welcoming guests with Christian hospitality.

Father Addi Honored by the American St. Boniface Society

Father Addi was a beloved member of the American St. Boniface Society. They honored him at a concert given by the Paderborn High Cathedral Choir. Some Leo House staff members attended the late afternoon concert at Saint Patrick’s Cathedral.

Dedicated Chaplain and Missioner

Father Addi served as a long-time chaplain at Mount Saint Michael Academy in the Bronx from 1978-2005. He was also a chaplain for the Kolping Society of Brooklyn. He served as a missioner for 15 years in Zimbabwe at the Sinoia Mission of the Society of Jesus.

Tied to Leo House History

Father Addi is an important part of The Leo House history. He was assigned to New York in 1976. He was linked to The Leo House for watching out for the great needs of the German migrants. As Executive Director of the American St. Boniface Society, he raised funds for German immigrant families.

You can read more about The Leo House history here.

Image: The High Cathedral in Paderborn, Germany.