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Drawing of NYC Thanksgiving 2020
23 Nov

A Thanksgiving 2020 Message to Our Community

We are thankful for you.

Here is a Thanksgiving 2020 message our whole community that you mean so much to us at The Leo House in NYC. We are truly grateful for all of you.

Thank you from The Leo House:

It is your traveling that have given us purpose, a reason to rise up to the occasion and be the best hosts we can be. It is through hearing your stories from across the globe that open our eyes to the beauty of the world and the kind people that inhabit it. In sharing a meal, prayer service, or experience at our home-away-from-home in New York City, we have come to know each other even for short moments that stay in our hearts long after the time passes. So thank you all for the memories, the kindness, the prayers and the smiles you give as you step through our doors. 

We look forward to when we can be together again.

No matter how or if you celebrate Thanksgiving 2020, know that you have made a difference to us and we are forever grateful. We keep you all in our hearts and in our prayers. Until we meet again, thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your patronage and support over the years.

If you have the means, please consider donating to The Leo House this holiday season or Giving Tuesday 2020.  We would greatly appreciate your support.
Please consider making a donation to The Leo House this holiday season if you have the means. We greatly appreciate your support. It means the world to us.

Some Good News & NYC Thanksgiving Traditions:

What was your favorite experience in NYC or at The Leo House? We’d love to know! Please feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook page with your favorite memories.