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Accessible Hotels in NYC - wheelchair accessible photo of walkway
11 Aug

Accessible Hotels in NYC for Disabled Persons – Soon You Can Add The Leo House to the List

Are you looking for ADA accessible hotels in NYC? Want to make a reservation for a disabled person (or persons) but feel frustrated because there aren’t many options? The Leo House is renovating an ADA compliant room so that we can truly welcome all people to our premises. Many renovations are necessary to create an ADA compliant room and The Leo House has financial constraints. That said, we have not been able to bring this dream to reality yet but we are getting closer.

A Growing Need for Accessible Hotels in NYC

First, we realize there is a growing need for The Leo House to have such a room. Our reservations desk gets frequent calls asking if we have a room accessible for wheelchairs or for people with various disabilities. Our goal is always to be a comfortable and affordable guest house that welcomes all travelers. We are focusing our efforts to put this into practice for all people – including anyone with a disability.

Looking into how to make a hotel room ADA compliant, we realize there are numerous renovations we need to make to comply with the ADA hotel room checklist. We must not only renovate the guest room, but also other areas in our guest house. This include the building entrances, lobby, interior routes, public use rooms, restrooms, interior signage and food service areas. Because we have been located at our historic brownstone since the 1920’s, we have our work cut out for us. Nevertheless, we are excited to get started.

How is The Leo House funding this project?

We are happy to announce that The Leo House recently received a grant from the O’Toole Foundation for $100,000. However, as you can imagine, the renovation is going to cost much more that this. According to estimates, we will need at least another $150,000 to bring our ADA accessible room dreams to fruition. We are reaching out to our friends to help with the financing of this project.

Here is what we are asking to become one of the Accessible Hotels in NYC:

  • Consider making a credit card donation to The Leo House. You can make a secure credit card donation through our payment processor, USA ePay, using this donation page. Donations are tax deductible and we appreciate any amount no matter how small. You can make a donation in this way as a gift to a loved one or in memory of a loved one.
  • Consider making a donation to The Leo House via mailed check. Please make the check payable to The Leo House and send to this address:

    The Leo House
    332 West 23rd Street
    New York, NY 10011
    Attn: Richard Borowicz / HA Room
  • Don’t have the means to make a donation? Spread the word. Please copy the link of this article by highlighting this web address and share it to Facebook or your favorite social media platform. You can also share our Facebook post referencing this article. You can email the link to someone whom you think would like to make a donation. Or you can email the link to an organization who might want to donate to this cause.
  • Know of an organization who provides funding for projects like this? Please comment on this post on Facebook and let us know so that we can look into it and apply directly. Help can come in many forms.
  • Want to be on our “Circle of Donors” plaque? Any amount is helpful. However, for contributions of $5,000 or more, we will add the name of the donor to a special plaque. This plaque will be displayed at The Leo House. We will also publish our Circle of Donors on our website and at the unveiling of the new ADA complaint room.

We appreciate the time you’ve spent reading this article. We look forward to continuing this project to be added to the list of “accessible hotels in New York City.” We will keep you posted on our progress. Thank you.