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Mother Teresa’s Visit to The Leo House

(Photo credit: New World Encyclopedia) Mother Teresa visited a lot of very special places in her time on this earth. In the photo above, she’s visiting the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from then-President Ronald Reagan. Some 25 years earlier, Mother Teresa visited another house, the house we call The Leo House of New York City. As...
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Father Addi Is Remembered

Father Addi was a cherished friend and member of The Leo House Board.  He passed away on January 7, 2015. A funeral mass was offered on January 12th at the Murray-Weigel Chapel. Father Addi assisted the Leo House in welcoming guests with Christian hospitality. Father Addi Honored by the American St. Boniface Society Father Addi was a beloved member of the American St. Boniface Society. They honored...
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Missing Marine Captain | Guest Reflections Vol. 2

Missing Marine Captain: Uncovering His Trails Our recent guest was in search of a long lost relative. She was a retired University Professor in Sweden and yearned to uncover the life story of an uncle, her mother’s brother.  Leaving home in Sweden as a young adult, he made no contact with family for the rest of his life. Many clues led her to New York where she stayed...
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Guest Reflections | Blog Segment | Vol. 1

Guest Reflections is a new segment of our blog. We are are introducing Guest Reflections to honor special moments with our visitors when they tell us stories of their travels and what brings them to The Leo House. Just by telling stories of ancestors, guests honor special relatives and make them real in the present moment. We enjoy reflecting with our...
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Pope Leo XIII and Leo House History

Pope Leo XIII was born in 1810, was ordained a priest in 1837, created a cardinal in 1853, and elected Pope in 1878. He died in 1903, having been the longest reigning pope in Church history. During those same years, from 1865 to 1900, German immigration to America constituted nearly thirty-five percent of all immigrants arriving at its shore. German...
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