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NYC View of Buildings to Promote Summer 2020 Rates for NYC Rooms
13 Aug

Summer 2020 Rates for NYC Rooms at The Leo House

Looking to plan a last minute getaway for Summer 2020? Take advantage of our Summer 2020 Rates for NYC rooms at a discounted price.

If you’re interested in traveling to NYC, please consider booking a room at The Leo House. Book directly through our website or phone number and receive discounted rates through September 30th, 2020. This cannot be combined with any existing reservations or promotions.

Why visit The Leo House over any other NYC hotel?

  1. New Cleanliness & Safety Precautions 

    We have implemented new procedures to safeguard guests from Covid-19 which can be viewed in our “Deeper Cleaning” reopening plan. These procedures include sanitizing rooms and shared spaces at a higher frequency, requiring masks, social distancing and more. Each room is sanitized and sealed prior to guests arrival. Read our Deeper Cleaning plan for more details.

  2. Safe and Secure

    The Leo House is considered one of the safest hotels in New York City. We monitor all who enter and exit our premises with a front desk that is open 24/7. All guests must be buzzed in through the front door. We have also installed a new CCTV system for our security to monitor areas surrounding The Leo House, as well as interior hallways and shared spaces. We are located in a quiet area of NYC and have not seen or experienced any disturbances in our area.

  3. Conveniently Located

    Nestled in the quiet Chelsea neighborhood, we are just steps away from the 23rd Street and 8th Avenue subway stop. We are also walking distance from many of NYC’s best attractions, parks and landmarks. 

We wish all of our friends a beautiful summer and hope you take advantage of our Summer 2020 Rates. We anxiously await welcoming you back to our home-away-from-home in NYC. 

Please consider sharing this post with others who may be interested in traveling to NYC this summer or who may want to donate to The Leo House to support our mission. Thank you!