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Veterans Day 2021 NYC - An American flag is waving in the breeze as a Veteran salutes the flag.
10 Nov

God Bless Our Veterans – Veterans Day 2021

God bless our Veterans. Veterans Day is a special time in America where we honor and thank all military service members, both past and present. Please take a moment to think about the true sacrifices made by Veterans. Consider showing respect and admiration to these special people on more than just one day. America would not be what it is today without their dedication and service.

Remember that freedom is not free. Veterans and their families sacrifice everything and face extreme hardship so that everyday people may enjoy the rights and comfort that many take for granted. Let us show appreciation for their unselfish service and show that we are proud of them. Let us pray that God will watch over these people and their families in a special way and bless them with peace and comfort knowing that their efforts were not made in vain. 

We welcome you to read a poem for Veterans below. Feel free to visit our facebook page and write a thank you note, share a story or simply express your gratitude for their service. Your message could reach out to someone special today. That special someone just might need to hear that they are appreciated or that a loved one who died serving our country is appreciated.

God Bless our Veterans 

On Veterans Day we honor all,
Who answered to a service call.

Soldiers young and soldiers old, 
Fought for freedom, brave and bold.

Some have lived, while others died,
And all of them deserve our pride.

We’re proud of all the soldiers who,
Kept thinking of red, white and blue.

They fought for us and all our rights,
They fought through many days and nights.

And though we may not know each name,
We thank ALL veterans just the same.

– Anonymous

The Leo House Proudly Supports our Veterans

We pray for them in a special way on this day. If you are a military service member or first responder, know that we welcome you to New York City with special discounted rates to host you and your family and show our gratitude. To take advantage of what we call our “Heroes Ratesimply click on this link and select the Heroes Rate when making a reservation. Or you can always call our reservations line at (212) 929-1010 ext. 219 or email us at [email protected]. Have a blessed Veterans Day.